What is Synesthesia?

Those with synesthesia interpret information differently. When they hear a song, they can see figures or colors, or even be able to taste a piece of fruit. Essentially, they experience one or more senses through another.

How can we all tap into this?

  1. The ayọ center of synesthesia is a research project exploring two fronts: How can one hone the skill of associating two things (sense) into a single category. For example, develop synesthetic connections, between sound and scent.        
  2. Develop multisensory experiential events and use scent as a route to enliven music interactions (concerts, pop- ups etc.)

As we explore the basis of sense-blending potential, such as the flavor of light or the color of smell, our primary purposes will be to publish journals of scientific scholarship. In addition to our journals, we’ll release products to accompany both scent and sound.

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