In a noisy world where anxiety and stress are rampant, we seek to evoke a sense of delight and happiness: a sense of... Ayọ. Meaning "Joy" in Yoruba every fragrance seeks to evoke that very emotion through smell.
 The Ayọ Fragrance + Design studio was conceived in 2019 with the release of the homonymous music compilation, Ayọ Volume 1,  put together by American musician and entrepreneur Gerald Walker.
In 2019, soon before the release of his eighth EP, And Only a Few Ever Find It, Walker dreamt of producing a scented candle that would catalyze memories from his favorite cities across the world. Working on the aforementioned release while on holiday in Marseille, France he met Kalee Emery, a perfumer, whose expertise helped him make his dream a reality.
 The scented candle «Black Sea» was created and  presented as a giveaway to close friends and family members. The candle met with instant success, so much so that it was instantly moved from being a concept to being produced regularly. «Cashmere Oak», the second scent in the product line, was created a few weeks afterwards, soon followed in August 2019 by «Ambir Noir and Bloom».

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