We’re finally revealing what we've been up to with our homies from Sauced Lifestyle: Our fragrance team developed a new scent with New York DJ, chef, traveler and lifestyle enthusiast, S.WHiTA very limited-edition candle collaboration, Sauced Lifestyle x Ayọ remixes two forces to be reckoned with: our iconic Blood Orange fragrance, and newly formulated Green Tea fragrance. 
Inspired by the sweetness of Summer, “Summertime Sweet”, features top notes of 
Bergamot and Grapefruit combined with Orange, Green Leaves, Neroli and Cedar. Meanwhile, "Morning Mood" unfurls to reveal soft, lingering Green Tea and Jasmine that rounds the spirit and true vibes of Summer Mornings. 
“S.WHiT picked Blood Orange and Green Tea as it was her favorite and it worked perfectly for us. Its scent is as elegant and versatile as she, so you can enjoy it lit or unlit,” Ayọ founder Gerald Walker said.
 Founded in 2019 while on vacation in Marseille, France. Ayọ Fragrance + Design Studios started with a single unisex-fragrance and has developed into a bourgeoning contemporary premium brand with a full range of home and beauty  accessories sold worldwide. Using the highest quality materials, Ayọ is reinventing the formulaic approach to business, allowing creativity and instinct to override the brand decisions. 

 It was important to collaborate with another black owned business and right now Ayọ is one of my favorite emerging brands. Gerald's attention to detail and his passion to create quality products is admirable. Each scent is significant — Summertime Sweet is reminiscent of warmer days, making every day feel like sunshine. Morning Mood is like a cup of tea, it's the perfect way to start your day. ” Sauced Lifestyle founder and owner S.WHiT states. 

“Morning Mood" and "Summertime Sweet” transforms any room using Ayọ curated, artisan grade soy wax with essential oils. Thanks to Sauced Whit Lifestyle x Ayọ Studios each candle delivers an intoxicating blast of comfort and tranquility with its spellbinding scents. Use both while your work, relax, facilitate a vibe or as the ideal travel companion. 

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