Introducing Frequency 342 Collection for Hovain

We created this line of premium unisex goods exclusively for fellow New York-based celebrity manager Hovain Hylton, a lifestyle enthusiast, entrepreneur and CUNY adjunct professor known for imitable and tireless worth ethic.
To translate Hovain’s ‘Frequency 342’ vision into a scent, we began with the concept that lends the release its identity - ‘signal vs. noise’ -  signal being the meaningful information that one actually try’s to detect. While the noise is the random, unwanted variation or fluctuation that interferes with the signal.


Hovain then expanded the idea birthing ‘Frequency 342’ a clever name referring to the audio frequency believed to aid in healing and tranquility.  Effervescent notes of rosemary and peppermint accompany the hand wash, while cashmere and wood create an element of transparency for the candle.

Learn more about the collaboration between Hovain Hylton and aryọ founder Gerald Walker here . Shop the collection at here.


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