We’re finally revealing what we've been up to with our homies from NECKMUSIK: Our fragrance team developed a new scent with DMV producer extraordinaire, Ceez. A very limited-edition collab, Neckmusik x Ayọ remixes two forces to be reckoned with: the sweet, tempting scent of maple syrup baked apples and a drop or two of Kentucky's finest bourbon.

Inspired by the coziness of fall, “For Ya Broad”, features top notes of apple and cinnamon combined with maple and vanilla. Meanwhile, butter and coconut unfurls to reveal soft, lingering bourbon that rounds the spirit and true vibes of autumn. 
“Ceez picked Apple Maple Bourbon as it was his favorite and it worked perfectly for us. It's a elegant scent, so you can enjoy it lit or unlit,” Ayọ founder Gerald Walker said.
Founded in 2019 while on vacation in Marseille, France. Ayọ Fragrance + Design Studios started with a single unisex-fragrance and has developed into a contemporary premium brand with a full range of beauty and accessories sold worldwide. Using the highest quality materials, Ayọ is reinventing the formulaic approach to business, allowing creativity and instinct to override the brand decisions. 

“I’ve always respected the way he (Walker) moves; so when I found out he was in this sector I knew we had to get this release done.,” NECKMUSIK founder Ceez states.

“For Ya Broad” transforms any room using Ayọ curated, artisan grade soy wax with essential oils. Thanks to NECKMUSIK x Ayọ Studios ‘For Ya Broad’ the candle delivers an intoxicating blast of comfort and tranquility with its spellbinding scent of apple, maple brown sugar and bourbon. Use ‘For Ya Broad’ while your work, relax, facilitate a vibe or as the ideal travel companion.

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